Legacy Bloodstock
January 2019 Horses of All Ages
Legacy Bloodstock
3721 Higbee Woods Ct.
Lexington, KY 40503
859-699-4404 and 859-621-7395
E-Mail: wyndee@me.com

Hip 11,  b f
by Majesticperfection
out of Laurenmychanelgirl

Hip 42,  ch f
by Cross Traffic
out of Miss Del Gallo

Hip 43
Miss Del Gallo
,  b m
by Hennessy
out of Ligurian

Hip 58
Now Power
,  b m
by Tiznow
out of Richwoman

Hip 59
Okie Stew
,  dk b/ f
by Union Rags
out of Grass Skirt

Hip 61,  dk b/ c
by Street Boss
out of Olivia's Greatdane

Hip 92,  b c
by Munnings
out of Queen Congie

Hip 143,  dk b/ f
by The Factor
out of Sister Diane

Hip 166
,  ch m
by Congrats
out of Solo Survivor

Hip 188,  b c
by Street Sense
out of Twirl Me

Hip 197
,  gr/ro f
by Mizzen Mast
out of Career Oriented

Hip 212
Zeta Zody
,  dk b/ m
by Omega Code
out of The Penguin

Hip 234
,  gr/ro f
by Broken Vow
out of Queen's Triomphe

Hip 260
Busy Listening
,  dk b/ m
by Dehere
out of Busy Windsong

Hip 323
Elle Dehere
,  ch m
by Dehere
out of Spring Valley

Hip 333
,  gr/ro f
by Cross Traffic
out of Misty Sixes

Hip 819
Lucky Rendezvous
,  ch f
by Lucky Lionel
out of Rendezvous Point

Hip 867,  dk b/ f
by Haynesfield
out of No Fighting

Hip 910
Santa Trinita
,  ch m
by More Than Ready
out of Bridge to Cross

Hip 911,  ch c
by Grazen
out of Sarah Avery

Hip 938
Sis's Sis
,  ch m
by Cahill Road
out of Carni Gal

Hip 942
So Many Dreams
,  dk b/ m
by Successful Appeal
out of Private Drive

Hip 986,  b c
by Acclamation
out of Verticaleigh

Hip 1029,  ch f
by Normandy Invasion
out of Bergamot

Hip 1087
Donna Gail
,  b m
by Into Mischief
out of Noon Delight

Hip 1091
Eden Is Burning
,  b m
by Hook and Ladder
out of Perfect Design

Hip 1092,  dk b/ f
by Morning Line
out of Eden Is Burning

Hip 1099
,  dk b/ m
by Gone West
out of Griselle

Hip 1114,  ch f
by Dominus
out of Flash Royale

Hip 1132
Griffins Magic
,  ch m
by Majestic Warrior
out of Abolinna

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