Stuart Morris
January 2019 Horses of All Ages
Stuart Morris


Hip 404,  dk b/ c
by Cairo Prince
out of Lady Lapuma

Hip 430
Make Waves
,  gr/ro m
by Macho Uno
out of Skipstone

Hip 538,  ch c
by Midshipman
out of Skipalong

Hip 539,  ch c
by Maclean's Music
out of Skipperdee

Hip 603
War Ballad
,  dk b/ f
by Declaration of War
out of Spring Blossom

Hip 614
,  b m
by Harlan's Holiday
out of Hip Hip

Hip 615,  b c
by Flatter
out of Yippee

Hip 618,  ch c
by Daredevil
out of Zadig

Hip 632,   f
by Quality Road
out of As Promised

Hip 705,  b c
by Ghostzapper
out of Dixie Victory

Hip 706
Dixie Victory
,  b m
by Dixie Union
out of Friendly Michelle

Hip 745,  dk b/ c
by Hard Spun
out of Gem

Hip 768
Holywood Humor
,  gr/ro f
by Distorted Humor
out of Cloakof Vagueness

Hip 795
,  gr/ro c
by Tapit
out of Maple Forest

Hip 1206,  gr/ro c
by Birdstone
out of McTapit

Hip 1242,   c
by Majestic City
out of Our Freya

Hip 1256,  ch c
by Constitution
out of Pleasureville Miss

Hip 1261
Promise to Peg
,  ch m
by Mineshaft
out of Giant Canal

Hip 1288,  b f
by Algorithms
out of Satin Smooth

Hip 1301,  b c
by Danza
out of Ski Seattle

Hip 1339
Time Given
,  b m
by Point Given
out of Ragtimely

Hip 1340,  b c
by Speightster
out of Time Given

Hip 1358,   c
by Congrats
out of Villano

Hip 1407,   c
by Flat Out
out of Big Hurry

Hip 1476,  ch c
by Mshawish
out of First to Come Home

Hip 1479
Fleet Ryan
,  dk b/ m
by Forestry
out of Brown Eyed Lass

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