Bluewater Sales Co
FT Kentucky February Mixed Sale
Bluewater Sales Co
3951 Old Frankfort Pike
Lexington, KY 40504
Contact: Meg Levy

Hip 21
Annapolis Class
,  ch m
by Ghostzapper
out of Dontbeshy I'll Buy

Hip 30
Aunt Tinsey
,  b f
by Uncle Mo
out of Bella Regina

Hip 33
,  dk b/ m
by Bandini
out of Rebalite

Hip 50,  b f
by Outwork
out of Carbon Beach

Hip 80
,  ch f
by Scat Daddy
out of Ms. Readiness

Hip 94,  b c
by Fast Anna
out of Dixieland Bull

Hip 96,  b f
by Flintshire (GB)
out of Down to Hearth

Hip 113
Ever Awesome
,  b m
by Awesome Again
out of Dante's Mary

Hip 130,  b c
by Exaggerator
out of Gem Sleuth

Hip 144,  b c
by Paynter
out of Hallie and Beth

Hip 154
Holiday Ink
,  b m
by Harlan's Holiday
out of Go to the Ink

Hip 178
Jazz Lady
,  dk b/ m
by Mizzen Mast
out of April Storm

Hip 196
Khaleesi Kat
,  dk b/ m
by Afleet Alex
out of Nehantic Kat

Hip 212,  ch f
by Speightster
out of Laurel Heights

Hip 217,  b f
by Upstart
out of Letting Go

Hip 221,  gr/ro f
by Flintshire (GB)
out of Loudly

Hip 241,  ch f
by Not This Time
out of Miss Ide

Hip 253
Murray's Girl
,  b m
by Uncle Mo
out of Moontune Missy

Hip 324
Serious I Candy
,  b m
by Candy Ride (ARG)
out of Rough Water

Hip 450
R Obsession
,  b m
by Notebook
out of Half Mast

Hip 472
Raven's Rabbit (IRE)
,  ch f
by Raven's Pass
out of Mine Inning

Hip 473
,  dk b/ m
by Artie Schiller
out of Shoppers Return

Hip 480
You're Mine
,  b m
by Congrats
out of Comely Grace

Hip 526
Marina View
,  b f
by Into Mischief
out of Onebadkitty

Hip 528
Way to Versailles
,  dk b/ m
by Tizway
out of Belle a Versailles

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