Hidden Brook Farm
November Breeding Stock
Hidden Brook Farm
1770 Winchester Road
Paris, Kentucky 40361
Office: 859-988-9377


Hip 296,   c
by Bodemeister
out of Rosalie Road

Hip 361,  b f
by Animal Kingdom
out of Ask the Question

Hip 455
Joint Return
,  dk b/ m
by Include
out of Brunswick Star

Hip 938
Off the Road (BRZ)
,  dk b/ m
by =Quick Road (BRZ)
out of =Intuicao Direta (BRZ)

Hip 999
Sara's Smile
,  dk b/ f
by Tale of the Cat
out of Heythisis Sarah

Hip 1007,  dk b/ f
by Noble Mission (GB)
out of Shared Dreams (GB)

Hip 1008
Shared Dreams (GB)
,  b m
by Seeking the Gold
out of Coretta (IRE)

Hip 1038,  b f
by Declaration of War
out of Stormy Tak

Hip 1079
Ultimate Prize
,  dk b/ f
by Smart Strike
out of Queens Full

Hip 1082
Uno Mas Promesa
,  gr/ro m
by Macho Uno
out of Leah's Promise

Hip 1088
Very Funny
,  ch m
by Distorted Humor
out of Kris Is It

Hip 1106
Winter Wonderland
,  gr/ro m
by Tapit
out of Dynamite Eyes

Hip 1125,  b c
by Street Sense
out of Alwaan

Hip 1126
,  b m
by Elusive Quality
out of Jersey Girl

Hip 1159,  dk b/ c
by Dialed In
out of Bold American

Hip 1160
Bold American
,  b m
by Quiet American
out of Nidd

Hip 1226
Rags for Britches
,  b c
by Union Rags
out of Ellesmere

Hip 1304
Lisa's Dream
,  b f
by Medaglia d'Oro
out of Liam's Dream

Hip 1307
Lonestar Angel
,  ch f
by Cowboy Cal
out of Pratella

Hip 1777,  ch c
by Violence
out of Orabella

Hip 1787,  dk b/ f
by Shanghai Bobby
out of Peppermint Queen

Hip 1788,   f
by Uncle Mo
out of Perfect Heist

Hip 1789
Perfect Heist
,  b m
by Half Ours
out of Emptythetill

Hip 1824
Rizzi Rose
,  b m
by El Prado (IRE)
out of Diadella

Hip 1872,  b c
by Alternation
out of Sterling Vow

Hip 1873
Sterling Vow
,  ch m
by Broken Vow
out of Silver N Satin

Hip 1909,  b c
by Stay Thirsty
out of Twining Star

Hip 1952
,  b m
by Broken Vow
out of Sweet Science

Hip 1980
Bourbon Warfare
,  b m
by Colonel John
out of Las Malvinas

Hip 2045
Estrella de Oro (GB)
,  ch m
by Belong to Me
out of Chelsey Dancer

Hip 2056
Five On a Dime
,  b f
by Not Bourbon
out of Raging Fever

Hip 2107,  dk b/ f
by Gemologist
out of Imagine

Hip 2138,  b c
by The Factor
out of Lightfoot Lane

Hip 2139
Lightfoot Lane
,  b m
by Phone Trick
out of Heavenly Note

Hip 3017,  b f
by Take Charge Indy
out of Miss Sugarmagnolia

Hip 3019
Moon Charmer
,  dk b/ m
by Indian Charlie
out of Clever Moon

Hip 3046
,  b m
by Tiznow
out of Lyrically

Hip 3089
Show Me the Bling
,  gr/ro m
by Too Much Bling
out of Angelic Amanda

Hip 3090,  b c
by Twirling Candy
out of Siena'sgotapoint

Hip 3091
,  b m
by Point Given
out of Fabulous Ballet

Hip 3112
Stormin Sandy
,  b f
by Tale of the Cat
out of So Long Dearie

Hip 3192
Aunt Els
,  ch m
by Consolidator
out of Frivolous Flo

Hip 3195
Bai Bai Baby
,  gr/ro f
by Unbridled's Song
out of Bai and Bai

Hip 3274,  dk b/ f
by Flat Out
out of Delta Holiday

Hip 3303,  ch f
by To Honor and Serve
out of Five Star Fund

Hip 3324
Gossip Mill
,  b m
by Bernstein
out of Rumors Are Flying

Hip 3340,  gr/ro c
by Cairo Prince
out of Hopelands

Hip 3345
Indian Splendor
,  dk b/ m
by Indian Ocean
out of Jeet

Hip 3378
Liberty Island
,  gr/ro f
by Harlem Rocker
out of Bee in a Bonnet

Hip 3388
Love's Illusion
,  gr/ro f
by Tapit
out of Love Match

Hip 3393
Bent On Bourbon
,  dk b/ c
by Arch
out of Little Luxury

Hip 3394
Dads Caps
,  b h
by Discreet Cat
out of Seeking the Silver

Hip 3848,  b f
by Paddy O'Prado
out of Nossa Vez

Hip 3856
Pajama Bottom
,  b m
by Include
out of Glory Glory

Hip 3857,   c
by Girolamo
out of Pajama Bottom

Hip 3867,  b c
by Goldencents
out of Plenty O'Toole

Hip 3883
Quiet Kiss
,  b m
by Quiet American
out of Beijio

Hip 3907,  b c
by Old Fashioned
out of Sharky's Dancer

Hip 3908
Sharky's Dancer
,  b m
by Perfect Mandate
out of Fabulous Ballet

Hip 4019,  b c
by Liaison
out of Bala Perdida

Hip 4026
Being Anna
,  b m
by Aldebaran
out of Bibical Sense

Hip 4027,   c
by Violence
out of Being Anna

Hip 4066,  ch f
by Jimmy Creed
out of Dance With Class

Hip 4073,  dk b/ f
by Liaison
out of Dream Luck

Hip 4120
,  b m
by Touch Gold
out of Zarzuela

Hip 4531
Ocala's Queen
,  dk b/ m
by Scat Daddy
out of Lillians Choice

Hip 4591
Southbound Swinger
,  ch m
by Distorted Humor
out of Senorita Swinger

Hip 4711
,   c
by Overanalyze
out of Equipped

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