James B. Keogh & Grovendale
November Breeding Stock
James B. Keogh & Grovendale
James B. Keogh
235 Pisgah Rd.
Versailles, KY 40383
859-879-3819 Phone
859-276-1257 Fax

Hip 270
Nunavik (IRE)
,  b m
by =Indian Ridge (IRE)
out of =In Anticipation (IRE)

Hip 285
Primadona (IRE)
,  b m
by $Galileo (IRE)
out of Dress To Thrill (IRE)

Hip 325
,  ch f
by Speightstown
out of Desert Queen

Hip 342
V V Goodnight
,  dk b/ m
by Midnight Lute
out of Victorious Vice

Hip 414,  ch c
by Will Take Charge
out of Endless Sea

Hip 424,  b f
by Scat Daddy
out of Freefourracing

Hip 440,  dk b/ f
by More Than Ready
out of Heatherdoesntbluff

Hip 457
Juliette Fair (IRE)
,  gr/ro f
by =Dark Angel (IRE)
out of =Capulet Monteque (IRE)

Hip 476
Lost Stars (IRE)
,  b f
by =Sea The Stars (IRE)
out of Moving Heart (IRE)

Hip 902
Make the Moment
,  dk b/ m
by Indygo Shiner
out of Pretty Pretty

Hip 916
Momentary Magic
,  b m
by Indian Charlie
out of Magical Illusion

Hip 932,  b f
by Hard Spun
out of Newsreel (IRE)

Hip 1009
In Her Fashion
,  b f
by Animal Kingdom
out of Sharp Act

Hip 1033,  ch c
by Will Take Charge
out of Stomping

Hip 1036,  dk b/ c
by Quality Road
out of Stormy Kiss (ARG)

Hip 1063,  b c
by Union Rags
out of Terrific Tiffany

Hip 1127
Amanda Knocks
,  b m
by A. P. Warrior
out of Queen Randi

Hip 1145,  dk b/ f
by Bodemeister
out of Bally Storm

Hip 1152
Beth's Bling
,  ch f
by City Zip
out of Got Bling

Hip 1166,  dk b/ c
by Orb
out of Brush Strokes

Hip 1189,  b f
by Blame
out of Chausie

Hip 1217,  b c
by Hard Spun
out of Double Date

Hip 1243,  dk b/ f
by Uncle Mo
out of Flashy Future

Hip 1256,  b c
by Street Sense
out of Genuine Class

Hip 1262,  ch c
by Super Saver
out of Gone Purrfect

Hip 1270,  gr/ro f
by Cairo Prince
out of High Style

Hip 1279
In a Jif
,  b m
by Saintly Look
out of Damie's Peanut

Hip 1284
Journey On
,  ch m
by Good Journey
out of Miss Del Mar

Hip 1299
,  gr/ro m
by Smoke Glacken
out of Genska

Hip 1302,   c
by Will Take Charge
out of License to Speed

Hip 1303,  dk b/ c
by Bodemeister
out of Lightning Lydia

Hip 1738,  dk b/ f
by Blame
out of Mama's Dia

Hip 1745
Mini Sermon
,  gr/ro m
by Pulpit
out of Ministorm

Hip 1774
On Golden Pawn
,  b m
by Tiznow
out of Classic Elegance

Hip 1800
,  b m
by Scat Daddy
out of Lacie Girl

Hip 1817,  gr/ro c
by The Factor
out of Ransom of Gold

Hip 1830,  ch f
by Strong Mandate
out of Ruly

Hip 1838,  b f
by Uncle Mo
out of Savviest

Hip 1888,  ch c
by Verrazano
out of Tamdiid

Hip 1926,  b c
by Point of Entry
out of Widja Didja

Hip 1947
,  dk b/ f
by Verrazano
out of Amanda Knocks

Hip 1974,  ch c
by Animal Kingdom
out of Big Awakening

Hip 1994,  dk b/ f
by Animal Kingdom
out of Cash No Credit

Hip 2006,   c
by Gemologist
out of Charge d'Affaires

Hip 2013,   c
by Strong Mandate
out of Comeon Dixie

Hip 2077,  b f
by Tapizar
out of Good Witch Glinda

Hip 2104
,  ch f
by Mutakddim
out of St. Michele

Hip 2114
,  ch f
by Orb
out of Innocent Love

Hip 2135
Beautiful Redhead
,  ch f
by Will Take Charge
out of Lady Zieg

Hip 2570
Music Maestro
,  b c
by Birdstone
out of Melody Maiden

Hip 2597
,  b m
by Chatain
out of Bridal Tea

Hip 2605,  dk b/ f
by Violence
out of Premiere Creation (FR)

Hip 2623,  b f
by Fed Biz
out of Sci Fi Kin

Hip 2675,  dk b/ c
by Take Charge Indy
out of Above It

Hip 2680,  dk b/ c
by Yes It's True
out of Admirer

Hip 2700,  ch f
by Verrazano
out of Becky's Rainbow

Hip 2707,  b f
by Macho Uno
out of Between the Clouds

Hip 2732,  ch c
by First Samurai
out of Clever Timing

Hip 2741,   f
by Shanghai Bobby
out of Crystal Lake Drive

Hip 2759
Ender's Valentine
,  ch m
by Deputy Minister
out of Gold Rush Queen

Hip 2760,   c
by Violence
out of Enduring Will

Hip 2761,  gr/ro f
by Shanghai Bobby
out of Erin's Song

Hip 2768,  dk b/ c
by Congrats
out of Fair Rose

Hip 2785,  dk b/ f
by Munnings
out of Gayatri

Hip 2832,  b f
by Gemologist
out of Little Widow Maker

Hip 3431,  b f
by Stay Thirsty
out of Mythic

Hip 3432,  ch f
by Tapizar
out of Nascat

Hip 3437,  b c
by Warrior's Reward
out of No Knocks

Hip 3470
,  dk b/ m
by Street Cry (IRE)
out of Lady of Vision (IRE)

Hip 3471,  dk b/ c
by Gio Ponti
out of Promulgation

Hip 3474
Purims Faith
,  ch m
by Purim
out of Secret Humor

Hip 3494
Saratoga Karaoke
,  b m
by Harlan's Holiday
out of Fantasy Song

Hip 3614
Authenic Deed
,  dk b/ m
by Alydeed
out of Authentic Air

Hip 3620,  dk b/ f
by Girolamo
out of Bachelors Walk

Hip 3637
,  dk b/ f
by Forestry
out of Mesamillion

Hip 3678,   f
by Fed Biz
out of Croatian Diva

Hip 3687,  b c
by Revolutionary
out of Denali Red

Hip 3715,   c
by Flashback
out of Faithful Prayer

Hip 3723,  dk b/ f
by Flat Out
out of Follow the Lite

Hip 3758
Indy Verse
,  ch m
by A.P. Indy
out of Saudi Poetry

Hip 3759,  b c
by Bellamy Road
out of Indy Verse

Hip 4194,  dk b/ f
by Jimmy Creed
out of Meadowbound

Hip 4214
,  b m
by Tale of the Cat
out of Uncanny Ability

Hip 4269
Shine a Spotlight
,  dk b/ m
by Nobiz Like Shobiz
out of Twinkle and Shine

Hip 4270
Shining Kitten
,  b f
by Kitten's Joy
out of Shining Jewel

Hip 4294
Susan Elaine
,  ch f
by Hold Me Back
out of Golden Ripples

Hip 4328
Widja Didja
,  b m
by Flatter
out of Inside Or Outside

Hip 4336
Xtra Approval
,  b m
by Flatter
out of Extraneous

Hip 4337,  b f
by Can the Man
out of Xtra Approval

Hip 4340
,  dk b/ m
by Include
out of Canadian Envoy

Hip 4355
,  b m
by Stravinsky
out of Galunpe (IRE)

Hip 4367,   c
by New Year's Day
out of Bandanna Lady

Hip 4400
Clockwork Angel
,  dk b/ m
by Forest Camp
out of No Little Angel

Hip 4418
Dixie Kiss
,  dk b/ m
by Chimes Band
out of Sneak a Kiss

Hip 4419,  dk b/ c
by Jersey Town
out of Dixie Kiss

Hip 4436
,  dk b/ m
by During
out of Inside Or Outside

Hip 4437,  dk b/ c
by Musketier (GER)
out of Extraneous

Hip 4450
Glamorous Gal
,  b m
by Soto
out of Hitaway

Hip 4466
I Fly High
,  dk b/ m
by High Fly
out of Shesabullwinkle

Hip 4468
Include Lacey
,  dk b/ m
by Include
out of American Affair

Hip 4469
Inside Or Outside
,  b m
by Eastern Echo
out of Dramatical

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