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Hip 399,  b f
by Paynter
out of Destiny Calls

Hip 400
,  dk b/ m
by Arch
out of Cloon

Hip 407
Dreams to Reality
,  b f
by Lookin At Lucky
out of Dream Sweeper

Hip 427
First to Go
,  dk b/ f
by Harlan's Holiday
out of First With Class

Hip 434
Full Moon Frolic
,  dk b/ m
by Vindication
out of Frolicing

Hip 447
Guadalupe High
,  ch m
by Cuvee
out of Fighting Zone

Hip 449
Guest List
,  ch m
by Smart Strike
out of Windy

Hip 450,  b c
by Constitution
out of Gunner the Runner

Hip 458
,  b m
by Bernardini
out of Chagall

Hip 478,  b c
by City Zip
out of Irridescence (SAF)

Hip 480,  ch f
by Congrats
out of Itsyesornoihavtogo

Hip 495,  dk b/ c
by More Than Ready
out of Lady of Substance (IRE)

Hip 508
Little Dume
,  dk b/ f
by Malibu Moon
out of Intangaroo

Hip 517,  dk b/ c
by Bodemeister
out of Lucky Black

Hip 518
Lucky Black
,  dk b/ m
by Hard Spun
out of So Spirited

Hip 520
Magic Charm
,  ch m
by Horse Greeley
out of Malibu Magic

Hip 526
,  ch m
by El Corredor
out of Sue Warner

Hip 533,  gr/ro c
by American Pharoah
out of Mekko Hokte

Hip 534
,  b f
by Union Rags
out of Nadadora

Hip 546,  b c
by Flashback
out of Nechez Dawn

Hip 547
Nechez Dawn
,  b m
by Indian Charlie
out of Valid Annie

Hip 564,  b f
by Magician (IRE)
out of Pathway to Heaven

Hip 565
Pathway to Heaven
,  dk b/ m
by Giant's Causeway
out of Jewel Princess

Hip 580
Princess of Silver
,  gr/ro f
by Gio Ponti
out of Princess of China

Hip 603,  dk b/ c
by Into Mischief
out of Sea Level Drive

Hip 609,  ch c
by Candy Ride (ARG)
out of Seattle's Best

Hip 617,  ch f
by Gio Ponti
out of Shining Prospect (GB)

Hip 623
Sky Haven
,  b m
by Sky Mesa
out of Shouldn't We All

Hip 639
Stone Artist
,  b m
by Bernardini
out of Yes She Is

Hip 640
,  gr/ro f
by Smoke Glacken
out of Lustful

Hip 642
Storm Star
,  ch m
by Candy Ride (ARG)
out of Stormy West

Hip 649
Super Freaky
,  dk b/ m
by Smart Strike
out of Elrose

Hip 654,  b c
by Declaration of War
out of Tashawak (IRE)

Hip 670
Time of Your Life
,  ch f
by Giant's Causeway
out of Homefortheholidays

Hip 681,  gr/ro c
by The Factor
out of Unbridled Reward

Hip 690,  b c
by Uncle Mo
out of Wags Empire

Hip 703
Winning Scoop
,  dk b/ m
by Bernardini
out of Scoop

Hip 725
Ask the Lonely
,  dk b/ f
by Congrats
out of Cool Ghoul

Hip 732,  b f
by Noble Mission (GB)
out of Bee Brave (GB)

Hip 753,  b f
by Carpe Diem
out of Casanova Kiddo

Hip 759
Charlote's Star
,  gr/ro f
by Tapit
out of Sweet Mariage

Hip 769
Constance Spice
,  b m
by Speightstown
out of G G's Dolly

Hip 776
Crazy Cousin
,  dk b/ m
by Smart Strike
out of Minster Abbey

Hip 1183
Del Mar Belle
,  b f
by Tiznow
out of Pacific Breeze

Hip 1201,  b f
by Creative Cause
out of Elusive Candy

Hip 1209,  ch f
by Gio Ponti
out of Escape to Victory (GB)

Hip 1214
Evil Attitude
,  dk b/ m
by Eurosilver
out of Heather's Dancer

Hip 1217,  ch c
by New Year's Day
out of Fearless Miss

Hip 1222,  b c
by Data Link
out of Fortunately

Hip 1234,  b c
by Red Rocks (IRE)
out of Great Design

Hip 1243
Havasu Falls
,  b m
by Lewis Michael
out of Grand Ogygia

Hip 1258
,  dk b/ m
by Bernstein
out of Resurge

Hip 1263
It's Relative
,  dk b/ m
by Eddington
out of Right Spice

Hip 1269
Jupiter Eclipse
,  b f
by Paddy O'Prado
out of Fasteel

Hip 1310
Lucky Path
,  blk m
by El Corredor
out of So Fortunate

Hip 1311,  dk b/ c
by Skipshot
out of Lucky Path

Hip 1313,  b c
by Colonel John
out of Macha Glorita

Hip 1315,  ch f
by Power Broker
out of Magic Charm

Hip 1321
,  dk b/ m
by Grand Slam
out of Devine

Hip 1338,  ch c
by New Year's Day
out of Movie Mystery

Hip 1357
Pacific Breeze
,  dk b/ m
by Fusaichi Pegasus
out of She's a Beauty

Hip 1368
People Power
,  dk b/ m
by After Market
out of Gentle Words

Hip 1370
Perfectly Natural
,  dk b/ m
by Forestry
out of Born Perfect

Hip 1407
,  b m
by Holy Bull
out of Season's Flair

Hip 1419,  b f
by Gio Ponti
out of Shandilyn

Hip 1422,  b f
by Jack Milton
out of She's Authentic

Hip 1434,  ch c
by Conveyance
out of Slammin Beauty

Hip 1435,  b c
by Gio Ponti
out of Some Legs

Hip 1437
Splendid Honor
,  ch m
by Double Honor
out of Blend of Poetry

Hip 1470,  ch f
by New Year's Day
out of Trendy Chic

Hip 1482,  ch f
by Girolamo
out of Wendy's Joy

Hip 1493
Winter's Quest
,  ch m
by Coronado's Quest
out of Winter's Gone

Hip 1496,  gr/ro c
by Flashback
out of Acting Naughty

Hip 1529,  b f
by Gio Ponti
out of Bling It On

Hip 1530
Bling It On
,  dk b/ m
by Forestry
out of Caiseal Ros (IRE)

Hip 1536,  b c
by New Year's Day
out of Brave as a Lion

Hip 1571,  dk b/ c
by Jersey Town
out of Lady's Quest

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