James B. Keogh & Grovendale
FT Kentucky February Mixed Sale
James B. Keogh & Grovendale
James B. Keogh
235 Pisgah Rd.
Versailles, KY 40383
859-879-3819 Phone
859-276-1257 Fax

Hip 27
Piccolo Flats
,  dk b/ m
by A. P. Warrior
out of Gold Muff

Hip 36
Princess Hillary
,  gr/ro m
by Maria's Mon
out of Known Feminist

Hip 58
Relampago Azul
,  gr/ro m
by Forestry
out of Bodhavista

Hip 60
Reservation Blues
,  b m
by Indian Charlie
out of Gone for Christmas

Hip 92
Shanghai Beauty
,  ch f
by Munnings
out of Miss Utada

Hip 140,  b c
by Maclean's Music
out of Sweet Problem

Hip 229
Aqualane Shores
,  dk b/ m
by Friends Lake
out of Wishes Come True

Hip 320,  b f
by Sidney's Candy
out of Diablo's Closer

Hip 333
,  ch m
by Mizzen Mast
out of Dynode

Hip 343,  dk b/ c
by Violence
out of Enduring Will

Hip 423,  ch c
by Sky Mesa
out of Instrumentale (FR)

Hip 426,  gr/ro c
by Take Charge Indy
out of Irish Smoke

Hip 443
J's Two Step Halo
,  dk b/ m
by Two Step Salsa
out of J's Happy Halo

Hip 484,  b f
by Yes It's True
out of Love At Noon

Hip 516
Miss Otis
,  b f
by Tale of the Cat
out of Liz Hunter

Hip 521,  b c
by Street Sense
out of Missyoulikecrazy

Hip 523
Miz Liz
,  b f
by Stormy Atlantic
out of Unbridled Sidney

Hip 528
More Than Magic
,  dk b/ m
by More Than Ready
out of Magical Meadow

Hip 589,  dk b/ c
by Fed Biz
out of Broadway Hennessey

Hip 590,  dk b/ c
by Take Charge Indy
out of Latin Lynx

Hip 591,  dk b/ c
by Violence
out of Secret Kin

Hip 592,  dk b/ c
by Take Charge Indy
out of Shannon Faith

Hip 593,  ch f
by Violence
out of Dr. Zic

Hip 594,  b f
by Star Guitar
out of Good Mood (IRE)

Hip 596
Mylast Sweet Pea
,  dk b/ m
by Grindstone
out of Secret Game

Hip 610
Charlie's Legacy
,  b m
by Indian Charlie
out of Lady's Legacy

Hip 611
Dr. Zic
,  ch m
by Milwaukee Brew
out of Royal Corona

Hip 622
Playmates Arch
,  dk b/ f
by Arch
out of Woodman's Dancer

Hip 623
Gitchee Goomie
,  b m
by City Zip
out of Riotous Miss

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