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Race Meet Race Date Race Number Surface Race Type Extended Race Type Distance Field Size Winning Post Position Horse Odds Favorite Half Mile Position Half Mile Time Final Time Last Race Date Last Race Location Last Race Surface Last Race Distance Prior Polytrack Wins Prior Polytrack Starts Prior Turf Wins Prior Turf Starts Last Workout Location Route/Sprint Winners Sire Winners Owner Winners Trainer Winners Jockey Exacta Payout Superfecta Payout Trifecta Payout
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20141Polytrack CLM5NW16MX6.5127Ridge Dance (GB)6.1No-5.7545.3378.5111/15/2014MNRD8521525SKYSSelkirkHays Billy Hays Donna and Hays Justin Woodard, Joe Ouzts, Perry $192.60$13,017.40$2,444.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20142Polytrack CLM5NW2L8101Bluemymind4.2No-0.12548.34100.8211/5/2014CDD8.51506TTCRIndygo ShinerSikand Rakesh S. and Sikand Kumud S. Lay, Larry Gilligan, Jack $574.40$1,921.03$13,072.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20143Polytrack CLM5NW1YX8117Silver Ember25.5No-6.2548.20100.9811/19/2014HAWD8.5211113HAWRMonarchosSilver Wing Stable Perez, Manny Doyle, Sophie $469.80$19,865.20$2,112.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20144Polytrack STRSTR5114Slavic Princess14.2No-5.545.8459.1311/16/2014CDD6.51805TPSYonaguskaMiami Valley Thoroughbred LTD Burke, Timothy Vergara, Rodrigo $245.00$517.34$2,502.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20145Polytrack CLM5C8114Knowurbrew29.3No-6.548.99100.5711/5/2014TDND8.1805313TDNRMilwaukee BrewInirio, Olivo Inirio, Olivo Osorio, Didiel $1,495.40$1,936.21$7,382.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20146Polytrack CLM88105Cat's Destiny3.2No-2.2547.5799.4411/16/2014CDD81505CDRLion HeartCherivtch Allen and Standfield Edward Vance, David Prescott, Rodney $154.20$4,901.80$868.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20147Polytrack MSW2YO8115Otto Shootie14.6No-3.549.29100.6211/8/2014CDD80000CDTRLookin At LuckyInvictus Racing Stable LLC Lyster, Stephen Mojica Jr., Rafael $163.00$1,712.64$5,201.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20148Polytrack AOCNW1$X6.5128Abbys Promise23No-2.7546.1777.6310/22/2014KEET8.51303KEESRed GiantScott, Debbie O'Dwyer, Jeremiah Gilligan, Jack $1,719.80$3,193.23$7,769.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/4/20149Polytrack MCLMCL6.5106Remsong7.8No145.9679.887/8/2014MNRT50201TTCSBernsteinModica, Oscar Modica, Oscar Contreras, Alejandro $225.80$502.50$1,498.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20141Polytrack MCLMCL81111Fujita Five1.3Yes048.4199.9411/16/2014CDD70000CDRNotionalJ. J. K. Thoroughbreds LLC Cox, Brad Osorio, Didiel $26.20$736.40$91.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20142Polytrack CLM5NW1YX8126Ghost Time6.1No048.3199.9211/13/2014CDD912004TPRGhostzapperCoyle, Vernon Coyle, Vernon Lagunes, Gabriel $218.20$15,449.00$3,541.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20143Polytrack CLM58108Recce6.4No048.0099.5911/4/2014MNRD80429MERRBadge of SilverTriple Aces LLC Reed, Eric Parker, Deshawn $182.40$7,346.40$1,246.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20144Polytrack CLM5NW2L8115Seattle Sass47.8No-847.10100.9411/2/2014CDD8.50000HPTRChief SeattleDorsey, Sam Dorsey, Sam Orm, Cory $596.00$411.87$3,947.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20145Polytrack MCLMCL891Out to Sea2.1Yes-3.547.94101.9111/14/2014CDD60203RSDRBroken VowKuester Keith and Smith Richard W. Barkley, Jeff McKee, John $32.60$1,657.80$215.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20146Polytrack CLM7.5NW3L6.51211Fearless Justice2.6No-1.546.0978.0810/23/2014INDD60000CTTSZanjeroWest Thoroughbreds West, Aaron Parker, Deshawn $22.60$2,037.80$258.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20147Polytrack MSW3U8115Sky High Bertie14.4No-0.12548.5098.9510/5/2014KEED8.50000CDTRSky MesaBranham, Doug Lyster, Stephen Osorio, Didiel $124.80$2,497.80$542.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20148Polytrack AOCC876Big Blue Spirit (GB)2.6No-146.6797.8710/19/2014WOT601318CDTRInvincible Spirit (IRE)Silverton Hill LLC Miller, Darrin Jimenez, Albin $56.40$3,392.00$688.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/5/20149Polytrack CLM5NW2L6126Smilin in Barbados7.5No-6.2545.9871.6210/30/2014INDD60000CDTSGraeme HallSmilin in Barbados Partnership Lauer, Michael Canchano, Aldo $59.40$5,745.40$447.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20141Polytrack CLM5NW2YX8.51211Wheaton's Express11.1No-5.548.21105.9211/13/2014CDD911113CDTRWheatonAtwood, James Atwood, James Vergara, Rodrigo $460.20$3,319.68$3,056.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20142Polytrack CLM7.5NW3L6.5111Sonny Short Stack4.6No1.546.3577.8010/17/2014INDD52501CDTSCity ZipJohnson, Vincent Alfir, David Mojica Jr., Rafael $131.40$6,080.40$1,248.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20143Polytrack CLM15NW2L8108Northern Empire7.3No-2.2547.9997.8111/23/2014CDD81707KEERNorth Light (IRE)Demeritte, Larry Demeritte, Larry Doyle, Sophie $80.40$2,126.20$405.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20144Polytrack MSW2YO6119Codasco3.7No-145.6571.0811/2/2014CDD60000CDSYesbyjimminyCella, Charles Whiting, Lynn Castanon, Jesus $46.20$531.60$165.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20145Polytrack ALWNW2L6.5107Let's Go Ben1.3Yes1.545.1276.6810/19/2014KEED61602KEESSongandaprayerChase Brandon L. and Marianne LoPresti, Charles Prescott, Rodney $19.80$1,542.40$303.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20146Polytrack STKHoliday Inaugural S.6103In a Jif13.4No2.544.8169.4810/10/2014KEET5.50113TPSSaintly LookGreenhill Racing Stables Inc. Greenhill, Jeffrey Aragon, Rolando $383.60$22,615.40$2,792.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20147Polytrack CLM30NW2L6.583Bel Air Bullet1.4Yes0.12545.5676.6211/2/2014WOAWS8.50416WOSIndian CharlieLunsford, Bruce Drury Jr., Thomas Orm, Cory $17.80$226.40$66.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20148Polytrack ALWNW3L6.584Grande Mocha6.3No-0.12546.1276.5410/7/2014MNRD60002MERSGrand SlamMonticule LLC Reed, Eric Paucar, Edgar $52.80$542.20$200.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/6/20149Polytrack CLM5NW2L6129Beat the Storm2.5Yes-0.12546.2270.7111/23/2014CDD80116TTCSHeart of the StormMaynard, Richard Pinzon, Maria Osorio, Didiel $97.80$11,902.72$1,260.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20141Polytrack MCLMCL6113Cocico0.9Yes1.546.2871.9610/31/2014INDD50101KEESHenrythenavigatorFlaxman Holdings Ltd. McKeever, Andrew Prescott, Rodney $49.20$1,312.00$327.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20142Polytrack CLM5NW16MX6.5119Petticoat Lane6.9No-846.1278.2711/26/2014CDD80000BTPSLimehouseGoff, Jim Antonuik, Jerry Kuntzweiler, Greta $133.20$5,392.80$921.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20143Polytrack CLM15NW2L898Poppy's Dream1.6No-6.547.7599.4111/2/2014CDD8.50303CDRBroken VowWaltermire, Bruce Waltermire, Bruce Parker, Deshawn $13.20$546.20$118.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20144Polytrack CLM5NW3L81110Wicked Pickett2.3Yes-1.2548.1799.1511/28/2014CDD8.51601TTCRAny Given SaturdayRider, David Rider, David Osorio, Didiel $299.60$4,184.92$4,930.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20145Polytrack CLM5NW2YX8.5127Mountian Gal6.3No-2.548.59106.9711/26/2014CDD80400BTPRUnbridled TimeSilver Tyme Stables Sandmann III, William Canchano, Aldo $68.00$5,035.80$1,169.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20146Polytrack CLM56104Popular Cause10.9No-1.545.6071.0810/17/2014BTPD5.541805TPSOrientateDanner, Douglas Danner, Douglas Zuniga, Eddie $96.80$6,343.20$934.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20147Polytrack MCLMCL61211La Jolla d'Oro7.5No-0.545.8271.51FTSFTS00000CDTSTouch GoldRunning Grey Stable Retamoza Sr., Ernest Gilligan, Jack $208.80$25,969.00$2,939.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20148Polytrack AOCNW2$X6.595Chief Exchanger3.7No0.12545.2376.0710/25/2014LRLT5.531403WLNSExchange RateQuest Realty Cooney, Susan Gilligan, Jack $77.00$7,625.60$1,190.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/7/20149Polytrack MSW3U81211Sunday Hat2.8Yes-3.547.9898.3410/18/2014KEET8.50102TPRHat Trick (JPN)Lewis, Tommie Reed, Eric Parker, Deshawn $44.60$391.20$69.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20141Polytrack MCLMCL6106Quattri2.9No-146.9473.06FTSFTS00000TPSBrother DerekEquinox Inc. Caramori, Eduardo Canchano, Aldo $31.20$1,658.20$129.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20142Polytrack CLM5NW16MX8126Thatboathassailed2.4No-6.7547.51100.596/30/2014PIDAWS842001TTCRWhere's the RingEarlywine Greg and Michael Brian Michael, Brian Jimenez, Albin $157.00$6,620.80$2,417.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20143Polytrack CLM18964Shakeyogroovething1.3Yes-349.15112.5510/11/2014BTPD1084907TPRDance BrightlyGreenhill, Sherri Greenhill, Jeffrey Ouzts, Perry $12.40$249.00$107.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20144Polytrack CLM5C61212Hancho8.6No-4.2546.3572.0711/23/2014CDD6.5425011TTCSBuddhaShort, Tommy Short, Tommy Doyle, Sophie $103.20$3,380.40$933.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20145Polytrack AOCNW1X884Candy Charger7.1No149.0299.7811/29/2014CDD80000BTPRCandy Ride (ARG)Stephens, Terry Holt, Larry Ouzts, Perry $68.40$378.00$101.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20146Polytrack STRSTR593Amazing Kitten12.3No-3.7546.1658.9710/19/2014BTPD62703TPSKitten's JoyS and L Stables LLC and Justice Paul Gregory Sturgeon, Bobby Vergara, Rodrigo $314.40$8,438.40$2,027.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20147Polytrack AOCC6.576Primed for Passion2.3No-2.546.1877.2211/5/2014CDT941004CDSFlatterSmall Batch Thoroughbreds Caramori, Eduardo Jimenez, Albin $19.00$225.60$89.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20148Polytrack AOCNW1$X8.5127Spoonfulofsugar7.4No-248.21106.1210/29/2014INDT7.516210TPRBluegrass CatNelson, Kathryn Danner, Douglas Zuniga, Eddie $101.80$3,489.00$703.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/11/20149Polytrack MCLMCL8125Eu Bandolero2.5Yes0.548.63100.8811/10/2013CDT90004TTCRQuiet AmericanEquinox Inc. Caramori, Eduardo Canchano, Aldo $38.80$1,575.80$212.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20141Polytrack CLM5NW26M6127Treca (CHI)2.9No-346.6072.2210/12/2014BTPD5.541400TPSUntil SundownKyoyama Yoshiki and Yumi Waltermire, Bruce Parker, Deshawn $54.00$8,615.40$904.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20142Polytrack CLM5C8114Mardi's Tough Game28.1No-3.7548.72101.5510/17/2014BTPD641107TPRTough GameBellayuto Racing Stables LLC Haehn, T. Zuniga, Eddie $306.40$34,118.00$4,057.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20143Polytrack MCLMCL6122Reinvestor9.5No0.12547.2872.0211/23/2011CDD60000CDSPut It BackJacobs, Keith Whiting, Lynn Prescott, Rodney $143.40$29,592.40$3,103.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20144Polytrack CLM5677Neverrguwithrichie1.4Yes1.546.5571.8810/31/2014CDD681927TPSClosing ArgumentHaas, Mark Danner, Douglas Zuniga, Eddie $20.60$152.80$51.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20145Polytrack CLM86.582Valient Tenobob2.1No-3.7546.9977.7711/9/2014TDND60601HPSService StripeJackson, Laura Jackson, James Parker, Deshawn $21.40$483.00$114.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20146Polytrack CLM15NW3L8.5101Bearly Specific6.1No-3.7547.69106.2111/22/2014CDD90028TTCRHeart of the StormMaynard, Richard Jurado, Luis Osorio, Didiel $85.60$4,099.60$535.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20147Polytrack CLM12.5695Mr. Providence1.9Yes-0.546.4170.5911/27/2014CDD60100INDSSpring At LastBowen Erica and Bray Everett Wilkinson, Clifford Jimenez, Albin $46.40$3,524.40$642.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20148Polytrack MSW2YO6119Nomenclature22No0.12546.8971.59FTSFTS00000TPSBluegrass CatAllied Racing Stable LLC Godsey, Claudie Prescott, Rodney $218.20$10,468.20$937.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/12/20149Polytrack CLM5C5.597Blingboy3No-0.12546.9165.6612/4/2014TPAWS6.532316CDSRoarHorantez, Leonardo Pfister, William Canchano, Aldo $51.20$2,151.20$265.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20141Polytrack CLM5NW2YX6114Beppone2.3Yes1.545.9771.3210/19/2014BTPD60211TPSForest DangerSugar Jr., Joe Cowans, William Parker, Deshawn $132.00$4,383.00$719.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20142Polytrack CLM7.5NW2L6.5113Dancing Vision2.4No-1.546.3078.2111/1/2014CDD60001TPSPollard's VisionWine N Windows Racing Kordenbrock, Matt Jimenez, Albin $32.60$967.20$87.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20143Polytrack CLM5NW2L6112Red Hot Plot3.3No1.546.2071.5910/21/2014INDT7.50203TPSLatent HeatCoyle, Vernon Coyle, Vernon Aragon, Rolando $157.60$5,204.40$1,249.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20144Polytrack STRSTR8103Royal Alluvial4No0.548.6499.1711/14/2014CDD8.561326SKYRAlluvialHays Billy Hays Donna and Hays Justin Woodard, Joe Ouzts, Perry $54.80$2,737.00$355.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20145Polytrack MCLMCL8.597Include Indycat2.2Yes-4.7547.41104.4811/30/2014CDD80201HPTRIncludeO'Brien, Kerry Huffman, Patrick Paucar, Edgar $26.00$1,147.00$191.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20146Polytrack CLM86.51110Shoes for Jlo7.5No-1.545.8778.1211/1/2014TDND5.52503SKYSSuaveJurado, Luis Jurado, Luis Mojica Jr., Rafael $247.00$15,595.20$1,825.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20147Polytrack MSW3U6.5108Terrific Treasure2.9No-146.2278.669/27/2014INDD60103TTCSStreet Cry (IRE)Cox Jr., Edward Colebrook, Ben Jimenez, Albin $67.00$9,465.00$861.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20148Polytrack ALWNW2L8.563Arctic Slope4.1No-2.547.15104.7211/13/2014CDT80203SKYRVan NistelrooyShortleaf Stable Inc. McPeek, Kenneth Castanon, Jesus $59.80$690.20$235.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/13/20149Polytrack CLM5NW3L61110Indiana Charlie7.5No-3.7545.6971.7610/23/2014INDD60201TPSNajranHall, William Hall, William Pompell, Thomas $130.60$1,965.22$2,830.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20141Polytrack MCLMCL882Whoopie Pie6.6No1.547.5199.3111/22/2014CDD80000TTCRLangfuhrMcGehee, Dede Bergin, Tom Gilligan, Jack $65.40$3,737.80$376.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20142Polytrack CLM5882Citizen John3.7No-348.0399.4311/14/2014CDD8019212TPRProud CitizenHickman, Kenneth Danner, Douglas Zuniga, Eddie $37.80$481.80$173.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20143Polytrack MCLMCL61010Sarah's Sassy Cat5.1No-445.5771.73FTSFTS00000SKYSArtie SchillerPattons Creek Farm LLC Drury Jr., Thomas Orm, Cory $303.80$2,174.52$2,549.80
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20144Polytrack CLM7.5NW2L6.5108Artic Sky4.3No-346.1478.7111/15/2014CDD71400TTCSShanikoLoveland, Del Loveland, Del Gilligan, Jack $89.60$207.93$1,008.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20145Polytrack CLM12.5654Citi Point1.9No-0.546.8271.5011/30/2014CDD631202BTPSPoint GivenPope, James Thomason, Glen Mojica Jr., Rafael $16.00$0.00$69.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20146Polytrack CLM5NW3L8113My Private Eyes13No-3.7548.16100.0311/5/2014CDD8.50001HPTRCrafty FriendChaudoin, William Chaudoin, William Jimenez, Albin $184.00$392.00$1,717.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20147Polytrack AOCC8.576Rosee Is Cozee2.3No-2.549.61104.1911/22/2014CDT926211TTCRCozzeneJurado Luis A. and Nardelli Kim and Rodney Jurado, Luis Mojica Jr., Rafael $16.20$4.72$54.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20148Polytrack AOCNW2$X8.5108Taken by the Storm1.3Yes147.62103.1511/27/2014CDD8.50225CDRStormy AtlanticChasing Dreams Racing 2011 LLC McPeek, Kenneth Ouzts, Perry $24.00$103.53$381.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/14/20149Polytrack MSW3U6.5113Nobadeer0.4Yes0.545.3576.5711/16/2014CDD60302KEESFirst SamuraiDixiana Farms LLC Colebrook, Ben Jimenez, Albin $15.40$27.87$126.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20141Polytrack MCLMCL8119No More Apples3No-3.548.68102.6911/26/2014CDD8.50103CDRMore Than ReadyHancock, John Hancock, John Doyle, Sophie $22.60$595.85$579.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20142Polytrack CLM5NW16MX5.51111Perfect Man11.3No-0.546.0765.5011/15/2014TDND5.50000TPSPerfectInirio, Olivo Inirio, Olivo Canchano, Aldo $125.80$786.07$1,237.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20143Polytrack CLM5C8.5114Ephram S3No-10.2549.20106.1412/4/2014TPAWS81417BTPRArchCecil, Robert Holt, Larry Ouzts, Perry $20.80$28.69$110.00
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20144Polytrack CLM5C6122My Birthday Gal3.4No-6.7546.6972.4811/30/2014CDD60000CDSHoly BullMorgeson, Philip Anderson, Susan Ouzts, Perry $263.20$1,022.16$3,912.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20145Polytrack CLM88.584All Star Bell3.3No-148.96105.6512/4/2014TPAWS80404INDRTribal RuleJ. J. Ross Racing Stable LLC Brown, Ronald Contreras, Alejandro $139.40$326.70$908.40
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20146Polytrack CLM30NW2L687Sugar Run Wild1.1Yes-0.12546.3372.2411/14/2014CDD60300WOSWildcat HeirMotley Crew Stables LLC (Michael Motley) Gray, Gary McKee, John $31.00$32.56$150.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20147Polytrack MSW2YO6.5116Profess4No-1.546.3280.0210/23/2014BELD80001BELSWar FrontClaiborne Farm Drury Jr., Thomas Prescott, Rodney $55.80$238.75$966.60
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20148Polytrack ALWNW2L6122Fioretti16.2No0.545.1570.7111/12/2014CDD60301TTCSBernardiniTwo Hearts Farm LLC Hamilton Jr., Anthony Ouzts, Perry $890.40$1,468.31$4,541.20
2014 Holiday Meet12/18/20149Polytrack CLM5NW1YX5.5119Starmy6.3No-4.7547.0966.2310/28/2014INDD5.521813TPSConsolidatorMayfield Jr., Frank Beck, Rowena Adam, Mathieu $114.20$688.13$616.00

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Click here to download a CSV file of the Turfway PolyCapping Database (updated 12/18/2014).


Race Date
Date the race was run

Race No
Race number on the card that the race was contested.

Track surface the race was run over, either Polytrack or Turf.

Race Type
Class of the race, ranging from maiden, claiming, starter allowance, allowance or stakes.

Extended Race Type
Specific conditions of the race.

Distance of the race in furlongs (note 1-mile equals 8 furlongs).

Field Size
Number of competitors to start the race.
Practical Application: Knowing the field size can help a handicapper determine how a race was run. For instance, shorter field sizes historically favor front-running speed horses. Larger fields tend to produce larger payoffs, given increased competition and a more spread-out wagering tote board.

Winning Post Position
Which position in the starting gate the winner broke from.
Practical Application: Knowing which post positions, inside and/or outside, have been more successful at different distances can be far more advantageous to a handicapper than general post position stats for all race distances and surfaces.

Name of the winning horse.

Final odds of the horse listed “to 1” as in 2.0 equals 2-to-1 odds.
Practical Application: Discover which races handicappers have zeroed in on, and which ones continue to produce blockbuster payoffs.

Was the winning horse favored in the betting?
Practical Application: Knowing where the public has failed to identify winning favorites can unlock big prices, while helping a handicapper identify “false” favorites.

Half-mile Position
Distance the winner was from the leading horse after a half-mile was run in the race. If leading, the number will be a positive number. If trailing, the number will be a negative number. For example, a horse two lengths behind the leader at the half-mile point in the race will be denoted as -2.0. For calculation purposes, a neck is considered one-quarter of a length.
Practical Application: Which running style has proven most effective for each race type and distance? This key information can help horseplayers project today’s contenders who have the right style to be successful.

Half-mile Time
Official track “split” time for the opening half-mile of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Sharp handicappers can create par times, or averages, for class and distance in creating their own pace figures, or simply use this data as a gauge as to how fast or slow a particular race may have been run.

Final Time
Official track clocking for the final time of this race (in seconds).
Practical Application: Find out at-a-glance “what it takes” historically to win a race at this class and distance, and compare that with today’s field to see who might be capable of reaching or exceeding the par times.

Last Race Location
Where the winner last competed, using official 2-3 letter track abbreviations. First-time starters are denoted as FTS.
Practical Application: Find out which venues produce the most successful runners for each class level, distance and surface.

Last Race Surface
Surface the winner last competed over, either All-Weather, Turf or Dirt.
Practical Application: Many horses will be changing surface when coming to the Polytrack surface from their most-recent start. You can analyze how turf-to-all-weather or dirt-to-all-weather runners have fared in terms of reaching the winner’s circle.

Last Race Distance
Distance the winner raced at in his or her most recent start.
Practical Application: Discover what distances and races are prime spots for horses stretching out in distance, or turning back in distance, by looking at the winner’s profiles.

Prior All Weather Surface Wins
Number of previous victories on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior All Weather Surface Starts
Number of previous starts on synthetic tracks by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on an all-weather surface has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Wins
Number of previous victories on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that winning experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Prior Turf Starts
Number of previous starts on turf by the race winner.
Practical Application: Gauge the level of emphasis that previous racing experience on the turf has on each class and distance.

Last Workout Location
Track or training center where race winner turned in his or her most recent published a.m. workout.
Practical Application: Find out if gaining local experience over an all-weather surface in morning workouts gives horses the edge at each class and distance.

This allows you to filter route races (1 mile or longer) vs. sprint races

Winner’s Sire
The sire of the winning horse.
Practical application: Allows you to filter which sires are most successful at particular distances or conditions

Winner's Owner
The winning owner

Winner's Trainer
The winning trainer
Practical application: Allows you to filter which trainers have the most success based on certain criteria

Winner's Jockey
The winning jockey
Practical application: Allows you to filter which jockeys have the most success based on certain criteria

Exacta Payout
The exacta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Superfecta Payout
The superfecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager

Trifecta Payout
The trifecta wager payout for this race based on a $2 wager
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